The Future of Retail: Why technology will solve all of your problems, and how to sell more in digital-first ecosystems…

Cate Trotter

Cate Trotter, Head of Trends at Insider Trends, will present her vision for the future of retail, drawing on her interviews with retail trendsetters, a raft of data and visits to world-leading stores. She’ll bring her ideas to life by highlighting new innovations and examples from leading brands. Join brands like Chanel, Samsung, Galeries Lafayette, Marks & Spencer, EE and Lego in benefiting from Insider Trends’ expertise.

Chief Executives, Managing Directors, General Managers and Presidents of global companies are often present for her talks. Cate combines unique, powerful insights with solid data, presenting them in a no-nonsense way. She uses inspirational case studies to show how audiences can tap into these trends and get ahead. Cate’s experience of setting up two successful businesses in her twenties has led to her being named a Future 100 and Startup 100 entrepreneur.

Intersection of Data and Creativity: How data can influence creativity between brands and consumers…

Ivo van den Brand

Ivo van den Brand will showcase how the use of data can positively challenge marketeers to be (even) more creative, and stimulate a meaningful value exchange between brands and consumers.

Ivo is a Director ​at Strategy & Insights consultancy Mavens of London. ​​As a former ​Director of Global Digital Marketing at Philips Personal Care​, Ivo has nearly 15​ years of experience in digital marketing, data-driven advertising, Public Engagement and communications, across large international firms, boutique agencies and in-house. During his career, Ivo has had the pleasure of working closely with the likes of Nike, Shell, Coca-Cola, Diageo, Beiersdorf, and Unilever​.

The secret psychology behind social behaviour

Nathalie Nahaï

Nathalie will explain the hidden mechanisms behind memes and viral content on social media. She will demonstrate how marketers can maximise their impact on social media by combining persuasive techniques with customer profiles based on multi-channel data.

Nathalie Nahaï teaches businesses how to apply scientific rigour to their website design, content marketing and products for clients such as Google, eBay, Unilever and Harvard Business Review. Her work explores the psychology of online behaviour, and she often host podcasts and contributes to national publications, TV and radio on the subject.

She is also the founder of Humanise The Web (a conference that explores both how the internet influences our behaviours, and how businesses can harness persuasive technologies for good), and sits on the Social Media Week advisory board and Ogilvy Change experts’ panel. Nathalie is the author of Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion (Pearson).


The 2020 Customer: The Message is the Experience

Bryan Eisenberg

The year is 2020. Over the course of the last 25 years, communications, finance and logistical technologies have created a revolution in the way customers engage with businesses and brands (personal & corporate). Customer expectations are now defined by those outside of our own industry.

This transformation has created chaos for those who have failed to become agile enough to ride the world wide wave the internet has created. A wave where the customer is in control, where there is more noise than ever, and where we need to stay ahead of their demands.

Bryan Eisenberg is the co-founder of BuyerLegends, an internationally recognized authority and pioneer in online marketing, improving conversion rates, and helping organizations improve their customer experiences. He is the co-author of the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, USA Today and New York Times bestselling books “Call to Action”, “Waiting For Your Cat to Bark?”, “Always Be Testing”, “Buyer Legends.” and the recently released “Be Like Amazon: Even a Lemonade Stand Can Do It.”. Bryan has been recognized by eConsultancy members as one of the top 10 User Experience Gurus, by LinkedIn as a Retail Influencer and he is also an IBM Futurist, he was selected as one of the inaugural iMedia Top 25 Marketers, and a Marketing Edge Rising Star Award winner.


Today and what’s next: How to embark on a successful data-driven journey…

Thomas Cook / Google

In this session, you will learn about travel company Thomas Cook’s data-driven marketing journey, from background to planning to outcome and learnings. This is a rare opportunity to listen to a company from a data-intense industry who have taken the journey and share their experience.

Together with Thomas Cook, Google will join the session to share their view on how data-driven marketing impacts and evolves online advertising now and in the future.

Drive engagement with video

Thomas Madsen-Mygdal

Video is the future of content marketing, as it gives marketers the opportunity to create deep engagement in a fast-paced digital world. But how to combine video with a data-driven mindset? And how to successfully integrate video in your marketing strategy? Video marketing agency TwentyThree will tell us their story and how to evolve in an age of data-driven marketing.

Thomas Madsen-Mygdal is a Danish designer and entrepreneur with a long history of generating change and innovation. An Internet pioneer, Thomas co-founded the first Danish internet company, Mondo, which helped bring the Internet to Denmark. During the 2000s, the reboot festival became a meeting place for the Internet we know today. Later, Thomas founded Podio, a company that changed how people work. Today, Thomas heads TwentyThree, which aims to transform the way companies communicate via video. Thomas is also an initiator and the current chairman of the board for the start-up community #CPHFTW. Thomas has been awarded the prize of honor from the Danish IT Industry Association and fdih. 

About TwentyThree
TwentyThree was founded by Thomas Madsen-Mygdal and Steffen Christensen. We have offices in San Francisco and Copenhagen. TwentyThree has rethought the online video workflow from the ground up and is passionate about helping businesses to succeed in video marketing.


“Unboxing” the future of APSIS

Product launch

How do you achieve a deeper understanding into the mindset of your audiences? What does it take to improve intelligence and make better decisions? And most importantly: do you have the right tools in place to achieve your mission?

At APSIS, we know that the next generation of marketers will rely on levering data and automation to save time and take smarter decisions. This is why we created a completely new approach for delivering truly engaging experiences to all of your customers.

APSIS product management invites you to an exclusive live demonstration of our new offering along with a sneak peak of our upcoming roadmap.

Speakers: Lisa Quinn, Jonas Bertelsen, Gareth Emery

Enrich the view of your customers and create dynamic content

CRM Integrations

Improving Customer Service and Customer Management will not only give you better leads, but also better organisational insights about your customer’s behavior. The question is: How to enable automated content based on CRM-data flows? We will show you the simple steps that you need to get started and go advanced.

This session is for organisations working with email marketing and want to benefit from CRM-data in order to provide more relevant and personalised content to their subscribers.

Speaker: Johan Karlsson

Experience the data-driven customer journey and increase sales


This session gives you a first-hand insight to how data-driven marketing can vastly improve the user experience for your customers and thereby increase your sales. We will take you on a journey showing how two very different customers (personas) can get personalised shopping experiences on the same website using data-driven marketing and successful retargeting.

This workshop is for those of you who are selling products or services – either as a pure online etailer or as an omni-channel retailer.

Speakers: Emil Eriksson & Sofie Bjerkefeldt

How to write persuasive and converting content


Want to shape up your email content so that it is clean, mean and fit for 2018? This session will exercise your brain and train you to think about writing for digital in a different way.

This workshop suits best for marketers actively working with content writing.

Speaker: Meridith Näslund

How to satisfy the high demands of today’s customers

Marketing automation

Customers today are highly aware and knowledgeable about what they want and can expect from companies. But how much do brands know about their customers? And how can they use data to provide more personalised content to the right person at the right time?

This workshop is mainly for people that want to engage customers, gain results and save resources with smart, automated marketing.

Speaker Kristiina Jokinen

Maximise your deliverability by engaging on a personal level

Maximising deliverability

Is there a miracle cure for fantastic email deliverability and high engagement? Well, at least we have many tips and tricks on how to create highly engaging content that reach as many inboxes as possible. This workshop will give you many insights into the world of deliverability and truly engaging content – and how this ties in together. Get smart tips on how to minimize your bounce rates, avoid spam traps and keep the anti-spam organisations on your side!

This session is tailored for marketers who work actively with creating email communication, as well as reviewing and analysing performance to increase results and conversion.

Targeting inactive customers at the right time to increase conversions

Data-driven marketing

In this workshop, we will discuss how brands can avoid the strategy of “constant bombardment”. Instead, we will explore how to create a strategy for delivering the right message at the right time, and thereby increase conversions and reduce the money spent on marketing. This will not be a hands-on training.

This workshop is best suited for marketers who are aiming to do data-driven marketing.

Speaker: Benjamin Nyström

Shine bright in the inbox – how to create brilliant email design

Email Design

What’s happening in the gleaming world of email design? And what will the next year look like? This workshop will show you how to keep your email design aligned and how to provide engaging content during the whole customer journey. Don’t miss out on the latest tips and tricks on how to make your emails shine even brighter in the future.

This workshop is mainly for marketers that are actively working with emails and email design.

Speakers: Fredrik Wremerth & Katri Saartoala 

The future of email marketing – what happens now and what’s next?

Email marketing trends

Email marketing is in a constant development and shapes the daily activities and communication from company to recipient. The trends in email marketing is perpetual and is affected by technical developments, societal changes and are triggered by all data collected through multiple channels from online as well as offline environments.

In this workshop we will look at the current email marketing trends and what they mean for us and for our recipients. We will also take a look at the trends that we will face in 2018 and talk about how we can adapt.

This hands-on workshop is targeted for people looking for inspiration and motivation to lift their current and future email marketing strategy.

Speaker: Cæcilie Sofie Nielsen

Dialogue and roundtable discussions about:

Data = people. Honouring the personal customer journey

We are living in the age of the customer. Consumers demand personalisation and the marketers who meet these demands will get the reward. But why is it that communication often fails even if we have all the knowledge and tools? This roundtable discussion gives an exclusive opportunity to answer and discuss these questions.

Moderator: James Carter, Director Solutions Consulting, Country Manager UK, APSIS

Dialogue and roundtable discussions about:

Privacy & Marketing – GDPR knowledge sharing

In today’s digital era marketing is dependent on and driven by data. Meanwhile, personal data processing is becoming further regulated with the GDPR’s applicability from 25 May 2018. This roundtable discussion will give the attendees a chance to discuss and share their experiences regarding the legal and ethical aspect of privacy and data-driven marketing in light of the GDPR.

Moderator Anders Hilmansson, Interim CFO (fmr Legal Counsel), APSIS

Dialogue and roundtable discussions about:

The rapidly evolving technology landscape

The number of channels and technologies available for marketers are rapidly increasing from year to year. So how do you keep up with the latest trends and ever evolving technology landscape? This roundtable discussion will focus on which channels are most important for you as a marketer, and how to successfully adapt to new technologies.

Moderator: Linda Hassellund, Professional Services Consultant, APSIS

Dialogue and roundtable discussions about:

Joining the forces of marketing and sales

The traditional sales funnel are becoming irrelevant for most organisations. As the buyer’s habits are changing, sellers and marketers need to constantly adapt. How can organisations define new joint goals for cooperation with sales and marketing? What are the challenges and opportunities for a close cooperation? And how to measure success? This roundtable discussion will explore answers to these questions.

Moderator: Mattias Vig, Professional Services Consultant, APSIS


The logic behind targeting, converting, and nurturing your potential and existing customers

APSIS Marketing Automation training

In this practical training we take you through the logic behind targeting, converting, and nurturing of your potential and existing customers using our APSIS Marketing Automation tool. (Basic Marketing Automation knowledge is required).

Speaker: Kristina Relas

Take your first steps with newsletters

APSIS Pro basic training

From importing data to setting up and sending newsletters: learn the basics as you are guided through the APSIS Pro platform.

Speaker: Kate Persson

Move ahead with personalisation

APSIS Pro advanced training

Following the first session you’ll learn how to effectively use dynamic content and filters, as well as reading and acting upon your statistics.

Speaker: Agneta Nevell

How APSIS Profile Cloud and APSIS Pro can augment each other for an increased omnichannel experience

APSIS Profile Cloud training

In this training, we will look at how to have a visitor’s behaviour across multiple devices can change how you talk to him/her on your email channel. We will also look at getting a feedback loop back from APSIS Pro, letting us adapt content on the web channel, based on his/her interactions with our emails. Participants are asked to bring a computer, and if possible, a smartphone with access to their email address. This will be a hands on training with a lot of things set up in advance.

This workshop is for existing APSIS Pro & APSIS Profile Cloud users.

Speaker: Benjamin Nyström

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