Maddy Savage guides you beyond the buzzwords!

June, 20 2018

DME has a clear mission: to go beyond the buzzwords. Why? Because we believe it’s time for a more intuitive and more intelligent way to talk about data-driven marketing. And that starts with us coming back to a human – less buzzwordy – way of tackling the challenges and opportunities ahead.

In order to accomplish our bold mission, we need a brave moderator who dares to move the discussion beyond the buzzwords to unravel the insights that actually matter.

So, we went out to search for someone who could ask the tough questions, someone who knows about the critical issues and someone with deep knowledge into the industry. And guess what? We found the perfect fit.

We’re delighted to present Maddy Savage – journalist and tech influencer – as the moderator for DME 2018. Before we set Maddy on her mission, we asked her to briefly introduce herself and what role she’ll take at DME.

Who is Maddy, and what will you bring to the table as a moderator?

“My day job is working as a freelance foreign correspondent covering the Nordics for global media including BBC, Monocle and Nordic Business Insider.

I moved to Sweden in 2014 having previously worked as as a BBC staff journalist in London for more than a decade, reporting for UK and global TV news programmes and anchoring BBC World Service radio shows reaching 50 million people a week. Outside of work, I am addicted to tea, running and travel.”

She continues by stating:

“I love moderating at media and tech events across Europe, because it gives me the chance to learn more about some of my favourite subject areas and gain new insights into fresh topics. It’s a privilege to be able to interview people at the forefront of their specialisms.

As a former radio presenter I thrive in live environments and embrace both the detailed preparations needed for these kind of events and the fact that almost anything can happen when you’re on stage in front of an audience. Bring it on!”

Maddy Savage reporting

A Tough Target for Marketers

DME2018 goes beyond the worn-out buzzwords of digital marketing. What marketing buzzwords bug you the most?

“I’m personally a tough target for marketers because I’m not very materialistic and have a minimalistic approach to life. But I do like to spend money on experiences.

Some of the most annoying and overused buzzwords that are on my radar are ‘disruptive’, ‘breakthrough’, ‘ideation’ and ‘synergy’. I think that ‘global’ and ‘local’ are used too frequently and unimaginatively these days as well.”

At DME 2018, she vouches to ask the keynote speakers thought-provoking, in-depth and buzzword-demolishing questions in a true investigative Journalist fashion.

“I’m looking forward to getting under the skin of new trends in marketing and crafting some challenging questions for the speakers. I hope to bring both energy and gravitas to the event and to make sure it’s inclusive – so that every guest feels able to contribute and ask their own questions, either in person or on social media. Finally, I’m excited to visit Malmö, one of my favourite spots in Sweden, thanks to its international vibe, friendly startup community and tasty food scene!”