What to Expect From DME: A Keynote Throwback

July, 19 2018

DME2018 is less than four months away. But what can you expect from the event? Let’s paint a picture with a quick little throwback to EME2017.

Marketing evolves, and so do we. That’s why we took the step to revamp our annual digital marketing conference with a new name: digital-marketing-evolved (DME).

However, as marketing becomes increasingly complex and intricate, the exaggerated  buzzwords rise to the surface with all its mesmerising cubic-zirconia glam… We want to get rid of the false promises. And we want to go beyond the buzzwords to unveil the fluff-free core of data-driven marketing.

But what did EME2017 deliver and what can you expect from DME2018? We asked our previous keynote speakers for their honest answers…

Bryan Eisenberg: The Message is the Experience

Bryan Eisenberg took the crowd by storm. The internationally recognised author and award-winning online-marketing pioneer shared his two cents on why it’s paramount that you strive to deliver a customer experience in true customer-centric fashion.


Cate Trotter: Sell More in Digital-First Ecosystems

Cate Trotter, Head of Trends at Insider Trends, is a true retail visionary with a firm finger on the data-driven pulse. At EME2017, she took the stage to inspire attendees to adopt an omnichannel mindset with an omnichannel marketing strategy driven by data.




Should data and creativity be at opposite ends of the table? Ivo van den Brand,
Global Marketing Director, is a firm believer of the golden intersection between data and creativity to ignite a meaningful value exchange.



What does Doug the Pug and memes have to do with digital marketing? The answer is: the hidden mechanism of persuasion.

Nathalie Nahaï teaches businesses such as Google, eBay, Unilever and Harvard Business Review how they can combine persuasive techniques with customer profiles based on multi-channel data. At EME2017, she dazzled the crowd with her passionate presentation and in-depth knowledge.


What’s up for DME?

For the jam-packed day of data-driven excitement, we’ll push the envelope and bust the buzz with a large dose of energy and gravitas with our moderator: Maddy Savage. Our truth-seeking hero will be accompanied by Camilla Wallander, CEO at Bergs School of Communications, and Zoë Chance; Yale School of Management professor and a master of the art of persuasion. Stay tuned for more updates!

Want to see Maddy, Camilla and Zoë in action? Secure your spot to DME today!